Three Efficient Furnace Types To Consider

Furnaces are one of the most popular heating systems used in homes today. However, many people believe that furnaces should be replaced since they aren't considered to be the most efficient heating system you can have. This belief is due to the fact that most people who have furnaces in their homes have older ones that do not run efficiently like newer systems would. Luckily, newer furnaces have been developed to cut on energy costs and provide homeowners with an efficient and affordable option for their home's heating. There are three furnace types you can choose from. It is important to know the benefits of each to determine which is the best option for your home.

Gas Furnaces:

Gas furnaces work by burning natural gas to heat your home, and since the gas is natural, it is definitely an economical way to heat your home. Utilizing natural gas to heat your home is also affordable since the cost of natural gas is low. So if you prefer heating your home with fuel, this is the better option for you. Plus, gas furnaces typically don't require a great deal of maintenance, which means you don't have to check on it as regularly as you would other furnace types. 

Oil Furnaces: 

Oil furnaces are also fuel-based heating systems that use a thick oil to provide heating to your home. Since this oil is thick, however, it takes time for it to heat and won't be a constant heating source like natural gas would be. In some cases, this way of heating can be more expensive since the oil that is used is more expensive than natural gas but is still an efficient way to heat your home and save on energy costs. In fact, since oil furnaces cannot provide constant heating to your home since the oil is slower to burn, it will actually reduce the cost of energy significantly lower than using a natural gas furnace.

Electric Furnaces:

Electric furnaces use heating coils to heat homes, and it can do this quickly, which is why these furnace types tend to be more popular than the other two. However, the cost of installation can be more costly, but since the energy bills will be significantly lower than the other two options, it may be worth considering. So if you can afford the cost of installation, you will find that in the end it probably will have paid for itself. 

Knowing what furnace options you have can allow you to choose the one that is best for your home and for yourself financially. For more information, contact a business such as Home Comfort Systems.