Four Things You Want To Know About The Maintenance Need Of Energy Efficient Biomass Boilers

If you want to have an efficient boiler, biomass boilers are a great solution. These boilers use organic waste as a fuel material. This is much cheaper fuel than gas or electricity, as well as being a renewable energy resource. Even though these systems cost less to operate, they also have more requirements for their care and maintenance. Here are some things that you may want to know about the care and maintenance of your biomass boiler:

1. Fuel And The Systems To Fire Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers use an organic fuel material, which can be firewood, wood chips or pellets made from agricultural waste. Firewood boilers will require you to stock the firebox, while others will require a feeding system. An auger system is good for the smaller materials. If you are using woodchips and other waste materials, you may need to have a belt system to feed these larger fuel materials to the boiler.

2. Dealing With Fuel Storage And Problems

Storing the fuel materials for your boiler can be another problem that you will have to deal with. For firewood, it is as simple as cutting the firewood and storing it in a dry place until you need it. With other materials, you will need to have a silo or other storage facility. You will need to check that the fuel is constantly being fed to the boiler. You can also add an agitator to the silo, which will help prevent voids in the fuel feeding system, which can cause the boiler to stop.

3. Regular Cleaning Maintenance Of A Biomass Boiler

The boiler for your home will also require regular maintenance. This includes regularly cleaning the firebox. Many modern blowers have an air attachment to clean the fire chamber regularly to reduce the cleaning needs. You will still need to occasionally remove the ash and clean the exhaust pipes of your system to ensure that it is working efficiently.

4. Common Repairs Biomass Boilers May Require 

Biomass boilers can have problems that require repairs just like any other heating system. Some of the things that you may encounter are blown fuses or relay switches, ignitions that have gone bad and bad blower motors. If you want your boiler to be more efficient, you may want to consider having a ceramic ignition installed, which heats up more quickly, reduce the strain on the mechanical parts of your boiler.

These are some things that you may want to know about the care and maintenance of your biomass boiler. If you need to help with maintenance and repairs to your system, contact a heating service, like Kennard - Pace Co. Inc, to get the help you need maintaining your boiler.