When To Leave Your Air Conditioner And Heater Running

You have more than likely got in the habit of turning off your air conditioner or heater when you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time. However, there are times when you should really consider leaving the unit on when you are going to be gone for a good length of time. This article will give you some insight on times when you'd do best to not turn your unit off while you are away.

When to leave your air conditioning on

You want to leave your air conditioning on when you are going to have your pets in the house while you are away. They can get sick from the heat and won't be able to escape from it in the house like they may be able to when they are outside. When they are outside, they can dig a hole for relief, or find a cooler area with wind to rest in.

You should also consider leaving the air on when you live in an area where the weather will be in the triple digits. By leaving your house shut up in this temperature, some of the items in your home can get ruined. Fragile artwork, candles, plants and electronics are a few examples of the types of items that may not do well in extreme heat.

When to leave your heater on

When the temperature is going to be below freezing, it puts your plumbing pipes at risk. This is especially true if your pipes aren't properly insulated. By making sure the inside of your home is warmer, it can decrease the chances of them freezing and bursting. You also want to leave the doors to your bathrooms and laundry room open so the warm air can get to the pipes in those rooms as well.

Just as with a house that's too hot on the inside, a house that gets too cold inside can also take its toll on certain items, such as your plants and electronics. While your pets like cats and dogs may be able to find some warmth curling up in a pet bed or pile of blankets, other pets such as birds can have problems.

You should have your air conditioning and heating unit serviced annually. This way, you know you can count on it to continue running when you do have to leave it on while you are away from home. Contact an air conditioner repair service for more help.