Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Free Of Pests

If you have an air conditioning unit, you may find that pests like birds, mice, or insects will use it as a makeshift home when it is not being utilized. This is turn will lead to a unit filled with debris from nesting material or waste, causing it to work improperly or spread bacteria when it becomes time to turn it on to cool your home. To help avoid unnecessary air conditioning repair, try one or more of the following steps in protecting your investment from unwanted guests.

Make Sure To Seal The Exterior Portion Of The Unit Properly

At the end of the summer, it is best to do maintenance steps to your air conditioner to prepare it for hibernation. At this time, clean your unit out in its entirety using a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft-bristled brush. Afterward, seal the portion exposed outdoors so it is less likely to be invaded by pests. Use a heavy-duty plastic wrap to cover the entire protruding part of the unit so vents can not be accessed from critters living outdoors.

Keep The Area Unattractive With Deterrents To Keep Pests Away

Consider using deterrents around your air conditioner to keep pests away from it completely. Place a plastic hawk or owl near the unit so rodents are less apt to come close enough to the unit to make a home out of it. A decoy will scare mice away from the area. Birds can be scared away using shiny items. Cover the air conditioner with a thick foil or silver tape to accomplish keeping them a distance away from the unit. Use chalk to draw around the perimeter of your air conditioner. This can be put directly on the window frame or siding of the home to help keep ants from making a home in the unit.

Add Weather-Stripping And Mesh Wire To Keep Intruders On The Outside

The perimeter around your air conditioning unit is also an entryway to the interior of your home. It is important it is properly sealed so small rodents and insects do not squeeze through any crevices present. Use weather-stripping or caulk to fill in any voids to help reduce the chance of pests using it as a passage to the inside. Placing wire mesh over the vent portions of an air conditioner can help keep birds and mice from gaining entry to the interior. Secure strips of mesh directly to the unit using pieces of duct tape. They can be removed before you prepare the unit for cleaning and storage. This is a great solution for summer months when the air conditioner may be used. 

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