5 Things You Need To Do This Fall To Keep Your Commercial HVAC System In Good Condition

Fall is an important time for maintaining HVAC equipment to ensure that your business facilities stay comfortable once the temperature starts dropping. Any change in the seasons should get you thinking about adjusting your heating and air conditioning equipment to the differences.

If you take care of the following five HVAC care tasks this fall, you'll be able to rely on your HVAC system to function efficiently and effectively in the coming months.

1. Put new filters in your heater

Air needs to flow through your heater and be channeled through your ducts to keep interiors in your business facility properly heated during the cold months of the year.

If you fail to change the filter on your heater unit, the interior air quality in your facility could go down. While your heater is not in use, dust and other debris can build up in the filter and detract from the filter's ability to clean air.

Change your filter before you start using your heater again in the fall for efficient heater operation and good interior air quality. 

2. Make any necessary adjustments to your supply registers

Supply register adjustments are important when seasons change. In the fall months, it's a good idea to keep supply registers open on lower levels and close some supply registers on the upper levels.

This task is important because hotter air is lighter than colder air and will gravitate toward upper floors. You need to adjust your registers to take advantage of the natural movement of air to properly condition your interiors during the cold season. This will boost HVAC efficiency and lower your utility bills. 

3. Test your heater or furnace for proper operation

It's a good idea to inspect and test your heater or furnace before the temperature drops so that you don't have to go through any cold weather at your facility with a malfunctioning heater.

Your inspection should include a check-up for your unit's burners, heat exchanger, ignition, and blower/belts. 

4. Have lubrication put on all moving parts of your heating equipment

Moving parts like blower bearings and motors need to be adequately lubricated to prevent premature wear and tear. Unfortunately, parts can dry out during the summer season when they're not in use. This makes lubricating in the fall especially important. 

5. Have your thermostat calibrated

Your thermostat needs to be properly calibrated so that you can accurately set the temperature on your interiors.

The calibration on your thermostat can be put slightly off when the seasons change and the temperate drops in the fall months. Calibrating your thermostat is a fast and easy way to keep your interiors comfortable and to ensure optimal HVAC efficiency. 

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