Preventative Maintenance That Can Help Homeowners Avoid Costly AC Repairs

As a homeowner, it becomes imperative to get in the habit of taking care of your air conditioning unit. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with expensive repairs on a regular basis. So that these costs don't keep adding up, take it upon yourself to care for your AC unit in the following ways. This preventative maintenance is paramount. 

Swap Out the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter is so important to the efficiency and performance of your AC unit. It helps prevent dirt, debris, and other particles from entering your HVAC system. This way, your AC unit can work efficiently and not overheat. However, for this filter to work correctly, it must be clean.

Every couple of months, you should swap the air filter out with a new one. Make sure you choose a high-quality filter, too. It should have great reviews and be designed to last a long time. Also, ensure it is the right size. Otherwise, you could have installation issues.

Keep Outside Unit Clean

The condenser unit is the component you see on the outside of your home. Since it is exposed to the elements, it will get dirty from time to time. If this happens too much, your AC could work inefficiently and then parts may need to be repaired/replaced often.

Don't let this happen to your outside unit. Get in the habit of keeping it clean at all times. Start by clearing out brush and leaves that have collected near it. Clean the fins with a water hose. You also need to open the condenser unit up and remove dirt and debris that have collected inside.

Have Ducts Professionally Cleaned

When your air ducts get too dirty, your AC unit has to work a lot harder at moving cool air inside. It may work so hard -- in fact -- that it breaks down prematurely. This is a costly issue to deal with, but you can circumvent it by having your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Companies that offer this type of specialized cleaning have unique vacuums, which are designed to easily reach inside your ductwork. The vacuums will remove dirt, debris, and other substances to leave behind clear ductwork. It's recommended to have this cleaning service performed every couple of years.

If you own a home, you're responsible for keeping the AC unit in pristine condition. Otherwise, you'll be dealing with costly repairs. You don't have to be an expert, either. Just get in the habit of keeping pivotal systems clean and primed to fulfill their assigned roles. 

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