3 Affordable Kitchen Upgrades That Add Function

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen and add function without doing a major renovation? While a new coat of paint will certainly help, purely aesthetic changes won't increase function. Here are three options that will have you calling the plumbing company.

1. Install a New Sink

If you watch the home design shows or scroll through online bulletin board apps, you have probably seen kitchen sinks nowadays are practically a work of art. You no longer need to go with a standard, shallow double stainless-steel sink that looks like everyone else's sink and can't even fit your lasagna dish.

Over-sized white farmhouse sinks with a single compartment are popular. Another option is a sink with two compartments still, but one is larger than the other, allowing you to accommodate those big pots and pans. Hammered copper, soapstone, and granite are just a few of the new sink options that will take your kitchen from blah to wow!

2. Install a New Faucet

Like sinks, faucets today can be quite stylish, coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can choose sleek and simple to elaborate faucets that have steampunk tendencies. You can also choose from different finishes. Rich black, gold, brushed nickel, matte stainless steel and others will give your kitchen a high-end feel.

The type of faucet you choose can also add more function to your kitchen. For example, a touchless faucet will allow you to drastically cut down on the gunk you transfer to your faucets every time you turn them on and off.

These faucets have built-in motion detectors, allowing you to simply wave your hands under them and voila! Instant water. When you are done cutting up chicken, pass your hands in front of the sensor and wash the salmonella away rather than potentially cross contaminating your faucets and other foods. Another faucet upgrade that can make cooking chores easier is a pot filler faucet. If you cook a lot or for large crowds, having a faucet near your stove can make cooking easier and safer. A plumber can easily extend the water line to your stove area and install a faucet that conveniently swings over and fills your pot right on the burner, eliminating the need to carry a heavy pot full of water. 

3. Install a New Dishwasher

Is your dishwasher an eyesore? Throwback dishwashers hailing from the last century are not only unsightly — especially if they don't match your other appliances — they aren't very energy efficient. New models are also much more intuitive, with features such as adjustable racks to accommodate large pots. A new dishwasher will help tie the room together as well as get all your dishes clean.