Time To Call Your Air Conditioning Contractor? Signs Your AC Condensate Pump Needs Repairs

If the drain pan on your AC has overflowed, there could be a problem with your condensate pump. You might not know you have a pump on your air conditioner. But, you do. The condensate pump removes condensation for the drain pan. If the pump isn't working, the drain pan overflows. If that happens, you get odors and algae problems. Worse yet, a broken condensate pump can destroy your air conditioner. If your drain pan has overflowed, it's time to check your condensate pump. Here are four reasons you may need to have your condensate pump repaired. 

The Float Is Stuck

If your condensate pump has stopped working, there may be a problem with the float. Over time, the float fills with algae and debris. Once that happens, the float can't function. To prevent overheating, your pump shuts off until the float starts working again. If your pump has stopped working, check the float. If you see algae or debris, clean it out. If the pump still won't work, you may need to call an air conditioning contractor. 

The Microswitch Is Bad

If you have problems with your condensate pump, check the power. There are two power sources for your pump. The first one is the main power supply at your circuit breaker. If the main circuit breaker has flipped, switch it back to the on position. If that doesn't restore power to the pump, look at the microswitch. The microswitch attaches to the pump. You can usually reset the microswitch with the tap of a hammer or screwdriver. Don't tap too hard though. You don't want to cause further damage. If the tap doesn't restore power, it might be time for a new condensate pump. 

The Lines Have Clogs

If you can't get your condensate pump to work, there could be clogs in the lines. Your condensate pump can't work if the lines have clogged up. That leaves the water to back up in the drain pan. If the lines stay clogged for too long, your pump can overheat. Place a container under the drain hose and fill the pump reservoir with water. If you see water flowing from the hose, you don't have clogs. You may need to call for repairs. 

The Pump Valve Broke

Finally, if nothing else has worked, it's time to check the pump valve. It might have sustained some damage. Before you call for repairs, clean the valve. Algae deposits may have jammed the valve. You can remove the valve to give it a thorough cleaning. If your pump still doesn't work, contact your air conditioning contractor. It's time to repair your condensate pump.

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning service today.