Make Your HVAC System Winter-Friendly

You probably intend to use your heater this winter, and that means you need to take some steps to prepare your HVAC system for the colder weather. It has been dormant for much of the year, and you may need to take some steps to prepare your system for change.

Are you ready to make your heater winter-friendly? Take these steps to improve your heating situation this winter.

Check Out Your Insulation

Your heater works much more efficiently if your home is well insulated. Now is a good time to check for air leaks in your home, ensuring you catch places where air can escape. It's also a great time to add more insulation to your attic, a frequent place your heat escapes in the winter. 

Cover Your AC Unit

In most parts of the country, you will not be using your air conditioner once winter hits. It is a good idea to protect your HVAC unit by ensuring that the outdoor components are covered. This can protect the unit from weather damage that could render it damaged when the summer weather strikes up again in a few months.

Call For Furnace Maintenance

As you prepare for winter, part of your plan is to prepare the furnace for further use. Begin with a visual inspection, looking for anything that appears out of place. The process of furnace maintenance includes clearing drainage, checking wires, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning sensors. You may need to change filters and make adjustments to ensure your home is warm this season.

Fix Heating Problems

Some problems are quick to arise in the winter, and it is a good idea to fix them now rather than wait for the dead of winter. Problems can arise with ductwork, motors, air filters, blades, condensing coils, belts, burners, and wiring. Some of these problems can render your heating system useless until they are fixed.

Call Your Heating Repair Company for More Help

Now is a great time to contact your heating repair and maintenance company to learn about ways you can improve your heating setup for the winter. The best heating technicians are licensed and have years of experience. They may offer emergency services and ensure that employees are trained and knowledgeable about heating issues.

Call a team like IMS Heating & Air Inc to prepare your home for the cold weather. You deserve to be warm inside your home, and a professional will make it happen.