Exploring Common Springtime Plumbing Problems

People often associate the cold winter months with household plumbing problems, such as freezing pipes. So with the cold days of winter once again giving way to warmer springtime weather, many homeowners may assume they are in the clear when it comes to common plumbing issues. However, the truth is, springtime can be just as problematic for residential plumbing systems as nature once again enters the season of new plant growth. 

New Growth Can Result In Plumbing Obstructions

As plant life begins to grow thanks to spring's milder temperatures and ample supply of rain and sunshine, root systems that have been dormant throughout the winter months will once again begin to spread out in search of the nutrients they need to sustain the new growth cycle. In some cases, these roots can grow directly into the pipes leading into or out of your home. This is especially common in pipes that have experienced small cracks during the winter months since they are easier for the growing root systems to penetrate. 

Detecting Root Obstructions

It may not be evident right away that plant roots are making their way into your home's plumbing system. This is because the issues caused by these roots will typically start off rather small. Catching the problem at this stage can make it much easier and more affordable for a plumber to remove the invading roots before they block off your pipes entirely. Thankfully there are a few common warning signs that can indicate an obstruction may be growing and that it is time to call in a professional plumber to take a closer look.

One common sign of a possible root obstruction is a drop in water pressure. As the plant life begins to take up more space inside the plumbing leading into your home, you will notice the water pressure dropping more and more. This is because less water is able to make its way through the pipe at a time. 

Another indication that you may need to call a plumber is having multiple drains in your house that suddenly drain slower than they did prior to the seasonal change. If the obstruction is in the pipes leading out of your home, the water going down the drains will take longer to get through the plumbing as water flow is restricted. 

If you are experiencing either of these common warning signs, be sure to call a plumber sooner than later. Taking a proactive approach to these springtime plumbing problems can mean the difference between a relatively minor issue that can be handled in a single day or a major plumbing problem that requires a massive yard excavation and intrusive repairs.