Common Boiler Problems

Many homes are heated with boilers. These boilers work by heating up water, which is either used to provide the home with heat or it is turned into steam and that steam is what gets used to heat the home. With a heating system such as radiant floor heating or baseboard radiators, the hot water is used. With a heating system such as radiators, the steam is used. Just as with anything else, age and wear and tear can lead to repair issues that you will need to get fixed. Here are some more details on this topic:

A boiler can develop leaks

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to what is causing the boiler to leak. There can be a leak coming from the pressure relief valve, the pump seal, or another internal component. Another problem that would be major is the leak could be due to rust. When there is a leak, it is something that must be dealt with right away because there are many other problems that can happen. The leak can end up leading to water damage in the house around the area where the boiler is and mold can even start growing. Any signs of a leak should always be taken seriously and handled as a major issue. 

The condensation pipe can freeze

It's not uncommon for a condensation pipe to freeze during the winter if you live where it gets below freezing. The condensation pipe sends the condensation from the boiler to the exterior drain. If this pipe does end up freezing, then it can create a blockage so the condensation doesn't drain out like it is supposed to. Instead, it can end up freezing and create a blockage. If the condensation goes back into the system, then it can cause a lot of damage to the boiler system. 

The boiler can stop heating

If you turn the system on and it won't heat the home, then this can leave you and everyone in the home in a bad spot, especially if it is extremely cold. There are a lot of problems that can cause the boiler to stop heating. Some of the things that can cause this issue include a broken thermostat, issues with the motorized valves, problems with the system diaphragms, and more. You'll want to let the boiler repair company know when you call that you are getting no heat at all, so they treat it as an emergency and get right out to you.