Air Conditioning Services: 3 Reasons Why Your AC Won’t Turn On

Whenever temperatures begin to rise outside, you want your air conditioner to start running as soon as you turn on the power button. But the system can fail to start for one reason or another. When that happens, it is time to seek professional help from an HVAC contractor. 

Sometimes it might be a simple issue such as a tripping breaker. In that case, you only need to reset it, and everything will get back to normal. Besides that, your air conditioner can fail for other reasons, including the following.

The Thermostat Is Failing

If you have already ruled out that the breaker is not the problem, your next suspect should be the thermostat. First, check whether it is on or off. If it is a battery-operated thermostat, check the condition of the batteries before heading to the settings. 

If nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, then your thermostat has a more profound problem requiring the attention of an AC repair technician. During repair, they will check for dirt and corrosion of the internal parts of the thermostat. Sometimes, thermostat failure arises from a blown fuse or loose wires.

The Capacitors Stopped Working

If your AC problem arises from the capacitors, you will often hear a click sound as you switch your AC on. Usually, this sound means the capacitors are dead and disconnected from the circuit. As a result, they cannot provide the push needed by the motor to start your air conditioner. The main culprit for dead capacitors is the excess heat produced by an overworking air conditioner or too much sun exposure.

If the thermostat settings are too high or too low, you will notice excess heat emissions. Additionally, power surges and the system's old age can reduce the efficiency of the capacitors. Due to the complexity of the issue, it is best to leave the repair work to an AC repair company.

The Refrigerant Levels Are Too Low

The refrigerant is essential in keeping your home cool. So when the levels go down, your air conditioner might fail to run. Low refrigerant often results from leakage. Unfortunately, this is bound to occur when you neglect your AC's maintenance needs. Typically, you need the refrigerant filled as per the manufacturer's instruction. In case of a leak, call an AC repair technician to fix it. 

If you want to prevent the nightmares that come with an AC that won't switch on, have it maintained from time to time. If you notice any of the issues above, hire an AC repair company right away. 

For more information about air conditioning, contact a local HVAC company.