4 Types Of HVAC System Services Contracts

You should consider HVAC system services contracts to improve the functionality and lifespan of your HVAC system. The contracts include monitoring, inspection, maintenance, and repair services. Read below to learn about four types of HVAC system services contracts and what they entail.

1. Full-Coverage Services Contract

The full-coverage service contract is the most extensive HVAC contract. It covers labor, HVAC materials and parts purchases, emergency services, and preventative maintenance. You may also buy repair and replacement coverage as part of this contract. As a result, you place full responsibility for your HVAC system on your HVAC contractor.

Although it is one of the most expensive HVAC system services contracts, it is cost-effective in the long run. Knowing your contractor will cover all your HVAC services also gives you peace of mind.

2. Full-Labor Services Contract

Unlike a full-coverage service contract, this contract doesn't cover HVAC parts installation. Instead, it focuses on HVAC maintenance, repairs, and replacement. From its wording, this service contract aims at providing HVAC system labor. This means you have professional HVAC technicians at your disposal.

You pay for labor costs but buy all equipment with this service contract. But, if you need help with the HVAC equipment specifications, you should ask the full-labor service contractor for assistance. This contract is ideal if you have a large building, can afford HVAC parts from manufacturers, and only lack maintenance labor.

3. Preventative Maintenance Services Contract

This contract focuses on scheduled routine operations. A preventative maintenance contract depends on the number of inspections you need. The HVAC preventative maintenance contractor identifies the best time for assessment based on the type and age of your HVAC equipment.

This contract covers activities such as coil cleaning, filter and belt replacement, motor lubrication, and HVAC painting. You should also discuss with your contractor on the material cost beforehand. Consider this type of HVAC system services contract if your premises can't afford an HVAC failure. This is because preventative maintenance prevents HVAC breakdowns that can prove costly.

4. End-Results Services Contract

End-results contracts are the newest form of HVAC service contracts. In this type of HVAC system services contract, the HVAC system owner's approval of the outcomes influences if the contractor continues providing their services.

You share your expectations with your contractor beforehand. Then, once they meet these objectives, you can get into a contract with them. Of course, the contractor has a higher risk because the contract depends on the outcome. Yet, this contract is ideal as it guarantees high-quality HVAC system services.


HVAC system services contracts are comprehensive documents highlighting each party's responsibilities and respective payments. Select the ideal contract that meets your HVAC needs and budget. However, before you do that, ensure you are negotiating with a reputable HVAC system services company to get an assurance of outstanding services.

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