3 Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance And Repairs

If you have central air conditioning, you should consider regular maintenance and repairs. For a small cost, you can keep your system in good condition for longer. If you would like to know more, check out these three benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance and repairs. 1. Keeps the System Effective Many factors can reduce a system's effectiveness. Naturally, damaged parts, worn parts, and loose parts can make the system less effective. Read More 

Addressing Some Common Furnace Problems

Understanding how to troubleshoot and fix common problems can save a homeowner time and money. While many of your furnace problems require a professional heating contractor to address, there are some issues a homeowner may be able to assess on their own. Check The Fan Limit Switch If Your System Is Not Producing Heat Is your furnace blowing cold air or not heating up at all? The fan limit switch turns the blower fan on and off to regulate the temperature in your home. Read More 

AC Maintenance: How It Benefits You

AC maintenance isn't going to take a lot of time and money on your part to give you a big return. An inspection every year before you turn on your AC is likely the biggest expense you'll have in AC maintenance, and this simply tells you whether your unit is working well or is in need of AC repair. The newer your unit is, the more maintenance you want to put into it since you want your air conditioner to last. Read More 

Will A Two-Stage Or Modulating Burner Save You Money?

If you own an older furnace, you likely have a single-stage model. Single-stage furnaces use a relatively straightforward design that satisfies your thermostat's set point without varying heat output. Instead of adjusting the heat available based on need or demand, the furnace runs at full bore until it reaches the desired temperature, at which point it shuts down and waits for its next cycle. Two-stage and modulating furnaces operate differently. Instead of blasting hot air whenever the interior temperature falls below your set point, they adjust their output to balance efficiency and comfort. Read More 

Forced Air Or Mini-Split Ductless Heat Pump? FAQs About Heating Services

Which HVAC system is the right choice for your home—a forced air heater or a ductless mini-split heat pump? If you need a new system and you're not sure which type to select, take a look at what you need to know about heating services, options, HVAC efficiency, and more. What Is A Forced Air HVAC System?  The term "forced air" describes the HVAC system's heating distribution method. As the name implies, a forced air system forces the warmed air throughout the interior space. Read More