Clear The Air? Faqs About Residential Air Duct Cleaning

What do you need to know about residential air duct cleaning? Whether you just bought your first home or you've never cleaned your existing home's ducts, take a look at the top questions about this process and learn more about clearing the indoor air.

Why Do You Need To Schedule An Air Duct Cleaning Service?

A residential duct and vent cleaning service isn't necessary for every home. Some homeowners believe that this service will stop certain medical problems, such as respiratory-related diseases. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), research on the subject doesn't provide conclusive evidence that duct cleaning will prevent health issues. But this doesn't mean this service can't or won't have benefits for your home.

The EPA also notes that homeowners should consider a professional cleaning if the ducts or other components of the HVAC system show signs of visible mold growth, pests such as mice, rats, or insects live inside of the ducts, or there is an excessive amount of dust and debris clogging the duct/vent system. If any of these scenarios describe your ducts, a professional service may reduce the respiratory, overall health, and environmental risks of contaminated ducts—especially if you or any of your household members have asthma, allergies, or a chronic respiratory disease.

Will Air Duct Cleaning Improve the HVAC System's Energy Efficiency?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris can clog your home's heating and cooling system. This type of clog will slow the system down and force it to work harder. The result is increased energy usage and higher heating or cooling bills. A duct cleaning on its own may not completely solve this problem. But when combined with a professional-level system cleaning service, it can help make your heater or air conditioner more efficient. 

Which Duct Cleaner Should You Choose?

Duct cleaning isn't an easy job. This makes it important to select a company that has extensive experience and expertise. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is a starting point for your search. This industry association has a "find a professional" search option on its website. After you locate a few contractors in your area, ask each company for references. Avoid companies that only provide generic anonymous reviews or don't have references.

Make sure your duct cleaning company of-choice offers the services you need. For more information about residential air duct cleaning, reach out to a service near you today.