Does Your Furnace Need Replacing? Here Are 3 Ways To Tell

Your furnace has likely served you well for the length of time you have had it. However, you can typically tell that your system is about to malfunction if you start experiencing heating inconsistencies in the home. Instead of waiting for the system to completely break down and disrupt the running of your household, it is recommended that you watch out for the signs that indicate it is time for a furnace replacement. Here are some top ways to tell when this time is reached:

You Have Been Fixing Your System Repeatedly

One way to tell that your system's damage is beyond fixing is by the high number of repairs and part replacements you have made in the past year. Frequent breakdowns, especially when they involve different components, indicate that it is not as efficient as it once was. Thus, it is best to hire a technician to evaluate and determine whether further repairs will be worth the cost. At a glance, repairing the system might seem more affordable than replacing it with a new one. However, once you start racking up numerous repair bills, it is likely time to change the unit.

Your Heating Bills Are Out of Control

Pay attention to the amount you pay in power bills every month. Heating inefficiency could be creeping in if there has been a steady rise in energy consumption and yet you haven't changed your usage or added an appliance. The surest way to tell whether your system has diminished in energy efficiency is by getting a heating service expert to perform an audit. In doing so, they can help you determine whether it is time for a system replacement. Typically, there is a certain SEER level that, if your current system fails to reach, a replacement is recommended.

The Unit Was in the Home When You Moved in

You should also consider replacing the heating unit if you found it in place when you bought or rented the residence. Generally, furnaces can remain in place for decades. Nonetheless, after the first two decades, you may not expect the system to be as efficient as it was when new. Fortunately, replacing an old unit gives you the opportunity to go for one with modern features that would serve your current needs most effectively.

These are clear indicators that it might be a good time to change your furnace. In any case, consult professionals about your home's heating needs and pick the unit that meets your preferences best. The specialists will help you get an appliance that can keep your home warm and comfortable for many years.

For more information about furnace and heating services, contact a local company.