Important AC Repairs That Should Be Done Every Few Months

An air conditioner is really expensive to replace. Most home air conditioner units are thousands of dollars, but they can last for a long time. That is if they are properly maintained and repaired. Taking care of the smaller maintenance and repair items that come up can keep your air conditioner working well every year. There are some common repairs that are important to stay up on. 

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter is a part of the air conditioner that requires replacement every few months. While this repair is fairly easy to do, it often gets overlooked. Some people leave air filters in for too long, which can cause them to release dirty debris back into the air conditioner system. A filter can start to deteriorate and bend due to too much use, which can make it hard to get out. This is why it's good to call an HVAC repair professional if you haven't changed your filter in a while. A good sign your filter needs to be replaced is if your air conditioner starts blowing out warm air. 

Refrigeration Leak

Another common issue with air conditioners is when air conditioner refrigerant gets low or may be leaking. If there is no leak, then it's relatively inexpensive for a repair service to simply refill the coolant; however, if any of the evaporator coils are bent or otherwise leaking, then they will need to be replaced. Not replacing an evaporator coil could quickly lead to other issues, which may be a lot more expensive to fix. Leaking fluid onto other parts of the air conditioner can cause other parts to malfunction. An experienced HVAC repair expert will be able to isolate the problem and fix any coils that are leaking.

Vibration Damage

If you live in an area with extremely hot weather, that may mean running the air conditioner more frequently. This can mean that the air conditioner components get worn from vibration more quickly. Not only that, but a lot of bad weather, such as heavy snow or a lot of wind, can cause parts to become loose. In many cases, a repair may be simply tightening parts that have loosened or replacing small connection components that have become damaged because of overuse. If your AC appears to rattle or shake, there may be parts that need to be tightened, and that's something that an HVAC company can fix easily.

Taking care of the routine repairs and smaller maintenance items can keep that air conditioner working strong for as long as possible. It will save you money in the long run to invest in small repairs now. It's worth it to have your AC unit looked at often to ensure everything is running right. 

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