Getting A Boiler For The Frist Time? 2 Common Problems You Should Know About

A boiler works well to provide heat to your home and you will likely not have many problems with one that is brand new. Over time, however, problems can occur and knowing about these beforehand can be beneficial. Keep reading to learn about two common problems you may come across in the future. Pressure Loss If you have a loss of pressure in your broiler, it may need to be repressurized. Read More 

What Should You Do If Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air?

If your furnace is blowing cold air, it could be a sign of mechanical malfunction. However, there are many things that can cause this problem, and mechanical failure is only one possibility. Before you call a furnace service repair company, such as Chappel's Heating & Cooling, to see your unit, perform the following steps to be sure that there isn't a simple fix for your problem. Check Your Air Filter Read More 

When To Leave Your Air Conditioner And Heater Running

You have more than likely got in the habit of turning off your air conditioner or heater when you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time. However, there are times when you should really consider leaving the unit on when you are going to be gone for a good length of time. This article will give you some insight on times when you'd do best to not turn your unit off while you are away. Read More 

Evaporator Coil Go Bad? How It Can Affect Your AC & How To Fix It

If you notice that your home's air conditioning takes too long to cool down your home, it can because the evaporator coil located in your air conditioner is damaged or dirty. As a homeowner, it's important to understand how this part can affect your HVAC system and how you can fix the problem How A Damaged Evaporator Coil Affects Your AC Your evaporator coil plays a vital role in how your air conditioner produces cold air. Read More 

Broken Heater: 3 Ways To Stay Warm And Cozy That You May Not Have Thought Of

No one in their right mind would hope that their heater would break down in the dead middle of winter. Unfortunately, though, it happens to the best of people. Although a heating service can generally move quickly and get out to your home to diagnose and repair the issue, you will still need to figure out a way to stay warm until they do. While you can make sure all of your doors and windows are properly sealed ahead of time and you can bundle up in clothes and blankets, you may want to consider other options for staying warm. Read More