Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner

Depending on where you live, your AC might be an absolutely vital part of your life. Therefore, you really don't want to be caught in a situation where your AC either isn't working at all or isn't working at full capacity. To help you keep you air conditioner in working condition, here are two common problems and what they mean: AC Is Running Weaker Than Usual If you have had your AC for a long time, then you might just need to clean the unit out. Read More 

Keep Heat At Bay: Maintenance For Your AC Unit

Your home should be a refuge from summer heat, but if you do not take good care of your AC unit, it can break down when you need it most. While some wear is inevitable, you can improve the function of your AC unit and reduce wear by properly maintaining it.    Replace your Filter While replacing your filter should be common sense, failure to do so can have some surprising effects. Read More 

Ease Your Allergies and Save Energy This Summer with These 3 Tips

The summer is a time of sun and fun, but at least for those with allergies, it can also be a taxing season. For homeowners who suffer from allergies, the season can be doubly taxing. As temperatures rise, so do air conditioning bills. As pollen builds up inside the house, it causes eyes to water and noses to run. If you own an air-conditioned home and suffer from pollen-related allergies, make your summer easier on your both your wallet and your sinuses with these three tips. Read More 

How to Keep Your Business Running through Power Outage Disasters

No matter where you live in the country, there's always the danger that a disaster could knock out the power to your business. Hurricanes, tornados, floods, and other disasters rarely happen on a convenient schedule. Fortunately, there are some new technologies that will help you keep your business running during outages while still being environmentally friendly. More Efficient Generators There are now fuel generators available that allow for more efficiency than ever before when it comes to having an option for running while off the grid. Read More 

3 Surprising Things That Can Cause Your A/C To Breakdown This Summer

Your air conditioner is your saving grace during the summer when the temperatures run high. Knowing how to maintain your air conditioner is an important part of keeping the system running and avoiding expensive air conditioning repair. You may already know some of the common ways to maintain your HVAC system--changing the air filter, getting yearly tuneups (from professionals such as those from American Heating & Air), and so on. However, air conditioners can breakdown for a variety of reasons, and some of them may surprise you. Read More