Make Your HVAC System Winter-Friendly

You probably intend to use your heater this winter, and that means you need to take some steps to prepare your HVAC system for the colder weather. It has been dormant for much of the year, and you may need to take some steps to prepare your system for change. Are you ready to make your heater winter-friendly? Take these steps to improve your heating situation this winter. Check Out Your Insulation Read More 

Should You Buy More Air Conditioner Than You Need?

It may seem wise to go big or go home in a variety of circumstances, but should you consider an oversized air conditioner for your home? At first blush, you may think that it never hurts to have some extra cooling capacity, but there are several notable downsides to installing a system that's too big for your needs. Keep reading to learn why "just right" should be your mantra for any HVAC installation. Read More 

Do Not Overlook The Importance Of Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Some homeowners neglect their HVAC systems. They dismiss important service appointments such as air conditioning tune-up services until their AC systems stop cooling their homes. Some individuals even make the mistake of trying to operate their air conditioning system when it clearly is not producing cool air. This can cause damage, and it will also needlessly waste energy. If you wait until your AC stops cooling your home, you might find yourself inconvenienced by not having a cool home for a while if your misfortune happens during the peak of the summer season. Read More 

Time To Call Your Air Conditioning Contractor? Signs Your AC Condensate Pump Needs Repairs

If the drain pan on your AC has overflowed, there could be a problem with your condensate pump. You might not know you have a pump on your air conditioner. But, you do. The condensate pump removes condensation for the drain pan. If the pump isn't working, the drain pan overflows. If that happens, you get odors and algae problems. Worse yet, a broken condensate pump can destroy your air conditioner. Read More 

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Heater With Spring Servicing

Taking care of your heater as the temperature heats up outside may seem strange, but it can make a big difference in the kind of condition it is in once you need it again. Before forgetting about the heater until the fall, consider the following heating services that can be done this spring to extend the lifespan of the heater and keep it in good working order. Get the Filters Replaced Read More